Organization Bylaws

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Government Graduate Student Organization

Organization Bylaws

Article I          Name

Government Graduate Student Organization (GGSO)

Article II        Purpose and Goals

GGSO is a service and social organization whose purposes are to promote social interaction within the Government Graduate Department and to complete community service. The goals of GGSO are to increase community and University involvement among Government Graduate Students and aide students in obtaining funding for research and conferences.

Article III       Membership and Dues

Membership will be granted to any graduate student pursing a degree or minor area of study in the Department of Government who attends 1 meetings per semester, 1 social event, and 1 fundraising activity per semester.

Article IV       Officers

Section 1: Officers

  1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, and the Secretary/Treasurer.
    1. The executive committee may, at its depression, split the Secretary/Treasurer post into two posts.
  2. All officers must be full time graduate students.
  3. All officers, regardless of time of appointment, will serve until the next regular elections.

Section 2: Duties of the President

  1. The President shall schedule and preside over all regular and special meetings.
  2. The President and/or his/her designee shall represent GGSO in all official capacities.
  3. The President shall locate a faculty advisor and conduct all communication and correspondence with him/her including notification of all meetings.
  4. The President shall ensure the organization’s re-charter every fall semester, information on which can be obtained from Campus Activities.
  5. The President is responsible for meeting all basic Graduate Student Council funding requirements including attending, or designating a member to attend, two GSC meetings per semester as well as one financial workshop per year (with the Treasurer).
  6. The President shall approve all financial transactions.
  7. The President is responsible for transferring all records materials to the new President or Faculty Advisor upon the end of his/her term.

Section 3: Duties of the Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall schedule and preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.
  2. The Vice President shall identify and communicate with at least one graduate senator and put members in need of funding in contact with this person.
  3. The Vice President shall plan all major events including community service and social events.

Section 4: Duties of the Secretary

  1. The Secretary shall keep a log of activities and dates
  2. The Secretary shall keep a running log of active members, e-mail addresses, and attendance
  3. The Secretary shall take notes/minutes at each meeting or designate another officer or member to do so in his/her absence.
  4. The Secretary shall check the mailbox located at campus activities The Secretary shall create GGSO promotions including for the organization itself as well as special events.
  5. The Secretary shall send a bi-weekly e-mail to all government graduate students (which much go through the government department secretary) including a meeting reminder, minutes from the last meeting, and upcoming events.
  6. The Secretary shall continuously update the website and Facebook pages, as needed.
  7. The Secretary shall inform incoming secretary on all secretarial duties including how to access and updated websites.
  8. The Secretary shall serve as the Parliamentarian should it be needed.

Section 5: Duties of the Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall attend one financial workshop per year (with President).
  2. The Treasurer shall hand over all materials to incoming treasurer.
  3. The Treasurer shall have all transactions approved by President
  4. The Treasurer shall keep a ledger of expenses and record of payments. The Treasurer shall keep all GGSO money in the indexed account through the Cashier’s Office.
  5. The Treasurer shall keep record of members who have paid dues (in cohorts with the secretary’s running list of active members).

Section 6: Officer Elections and Removal

  1. Held near end of every spring semester or as new officers are needed
  2. Take volunteers, hold vote, needs majority of members present
  3. Vacancies filled by majority vote of members present
  4. May be removed by a vote of 3⁄4 at a special meeting called by the President


Article 5         Meetings and Committees

Section 1: Meetings

  1. Held monthly unless special circumstances call for a change or the President calls a special meeting
  2. President shall have the power to call special meetings, including meetings of just the executive board, on an as-needed basis
  3. Held informally unless a majority vote of the executive board decides to invoke
  4. Robert’s rules All decisions made by a majority vote of members present, 5 at a minimum

Section 2: Committees
All committees shall be ad hoc and established by the President

  1. ICMA Committee
    1. A member is to be designated to chair this committee yearly.
    2. All responsibilities of this committee are established through ICMA Guidelines held in the online Dropbox folder.

Article 6         Yearly Events and Activities; Fundraising

  1. Each year GSSO shall be required to organize or participate in:
  • Keep State Great
  • The Big Event
  • Mariposa Award,
  • At least 1 New Student Orientation (NSO) per year held in the fall, up until such a time that the department establishes its own.
  • At least 1 major social event per semester
  • At least 1 ICMA sponsored event per semester
  1. All fundraising activities will be arranged by the executive board on an as needed basis. The GSO shall hold and participate in other service and social events as the Executive Board sees fit.
  2. All members are required to participate in at least 1 meeting, 1 social event, and 1 fundraising activity per semester.

Article 7         Records Keeping

Official GGSO records, which will be maintained by the President, Vice President and Secretary, will be kept in the GGSO Online Dropbox and contain the following documents:

  1. Organization by-laws
  2. Copies of all official GGSO documents including but not limited to re-charter papers, NSO materials, etc
  3. Secretary’s minutes, activities log, running list of active members and attendance, Treasurer’s records at the end of each academic year
  4. This list is not exhaustive but is intended to promote the maintenance of all GGSO related materials in a central location.

Article 8         Awards

  1. All members of GGSO who actively participate in 2 meetings, 2 social event, and 2 fundraising activities per academic year are entitled to one graduation stole.
    1. The member may, if funding is limited, pay a portion of costs related to the graduation stole.

Article 9         Amendment of the Bylaws

  1. New bylaws may be introduced at any time.
  2. New bylaws must be first passed by a 3⁄4 of the Executive Board, and
  3. New bylaws must pass a majority vote of members in attendance at time of introduction.
  4. A current copy of the bylaws is to be posted on the GGSO webpage.
  5. The President shall be responsible for updating the bylaws with campus services.

Article 10       Certification of Bylaws

We, the undersigned Executive Officers, hereby certify that these bylaws have been adopted by Membership of the Government Graduate Student Organization.